Skincare Manufacturing Facility with over 200K worth machinery

Transformation to a Skincare Manufacturing Facility

We have helped our client  to build a brand new skincare manufacturing facility in their 3 Storey building in West London. Area where new Lab is built used to be just an open warehouse space as you can see in below image

EIS limited  has carried out a complete strip out to the old warehouse space to make it an empty shell. Stage one after the clear out was to clad all walls. To maintain a bacteria free area with highest standard of hygiene EIS limited has installed antimicrobial Bio-Clad wall cladding system through out.

Electrical installation

After all wall cladding work, we've then moved on to electrical installation. As an electrical contracting business this was one of the exiting elements of the project for us.

We started with containment system installation work first. Majority of the cabling were 3 phase heavy armoured cable runs above the ceiling, to provide adequate support for wiring we had to install a galvanised cable tray system above the new suspended ceiling to come.

Cable tray installation started from one end of the new production facility area all the way to the other end where new 3 phase distribution board will be located. In between number of sub trays were branching off to carry Steel wired armoured cables to their final termination points





Next job was to install heavy duty armoured cable to the cable tray system. As usual All cable runs we started from distribution board, along the tray to their rotary isolator points. Some had to be run otherway around depending on cable reel access.

once we got armoured cabling on to the tray, we then neatly arranged them on the tray it self and cable tied them with fire rated tie wraps.

Electrical Distribution

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